Monday, March 8, 2010

When Bobby Worrest meets his future

In the recent independent video Yougottagetthat, Bobby Worrest shares a part with a middle-age man slighlty overweight who goes by the name of Bob. Despite the apparent cynicism of this presentation, know that this man, who skates alongside Mr Worrest, must have no shame because the quality of his performance is rather arousing. His part features switchstance moves, tranny maneuvers and combos worthy of a certain 5-year-awaited video, the whole lot with some Nike Blazers at his feet.

However, I had this weird little impression that what I was watching was actually Bobby Worrest's future. Indeed, it is not too hard to imagine the Washingtion DC ripper with a slight excess weight in ten years. And perhaps that at the age of thirty, he will finally give up his nickname and assume the manliness of the forename Bob. Besides, I can easily picture him on the Swoosh by the end of the decade. I would not even be bummed. After all, after this so far spotless career, you would have the right "to put some butter in the spinach" as the French saying has it. All in all, I guess Bobby would deserve such a peaceful retirement after being one of the few pros staying really productive over the year without being affected (too much) by the various trends that pop out each year. Ahhh...I can already picture him drinking beer on his porch with his Blazers, his Rambo tattoo and his ex-stripper of a wife... Good times.

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