Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soiled panties

Sometimes, when the skateboarding is good, one line is enough. Do you know that feeling when you watch a montage and you're like "ok whatever...ok whatever...", and then all of a sudden, in between Melcher's wallride and the Nuge's giant heelfilp (yes, there is always those two in a boring montage), appears the line you've expected all your life? The line that gets your more hyped to skate than the whole boxset of Digital videos (bonus features included). Well, my skateboarding fellows, this line, which combines the right skater, style, speed, spot and trick, happens as often as an alignment of the planets of the solar system.
Guess what? For me it happenned few days ago. "Sweet Moses".

The first line performed by this Mexican stuntman seriously arouses me. He is one of the few that you can connect with the OG Chocolate heads. A sort of young and bold Gabriel Rodriguez zigzaging and sowing 90s-inspired tricks on one of those spots that you associate at once with 90s Girl/Choco. The style is clumsy and the push, of course, is mongo when switch; but it works. There is no awkward immobility on the board in between the tricks, Vincent flies to his next maneuver with the same hunger as a fashionista on Black Monday. The tricks, timeless (fs smith) and modern (switchstance), remain accessible enough to get you hyped and at the same time, the speed is completely out of reach. If the King of LA deigns to slow down on the crazy combos, Chocolate is far from done.


  1. That line at the Venice sandboxes made my day.
    Not too sure about that OG Chocolate heads connection, though. Time will tell, I guess.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVvt2n70HAw&hd=1

  3. head in shoulders + "floating" arms : Paulo Diaz

  4. Lovin' his new part!!
    True for Paolo Diaz, though I tend to forget that he was on Chocolate...