Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sleep-skating : Minuit

This is old news but I would be psyched if someone actually discovers this teaser on my blog.
The guy behind the VX1000 is Yoan Taillandier. Go check his Utube account XBX2000, lots of good stuff in there. As you can see the influences come mostly from the US East Coast and Japan (and SF, did I see Carlos Young in that teaser?). The people skate fast and you would not think of skating most of the spots they skate. Hopefully we'll see the full lenght coming sooner than we think.
Oh yeah, and they're from Bordeaux, in case you did not know.

I don't know how come Bordeaux has this "East Coast" label, but I think it's pretty dope. If you guys want to go to New York but don't have the money, just buy a single for Bordeaux. In between Riot skateshop that carries a lot of East Coast underground brands (Traffic, Hopps, Shut...) and the skaters who are not afraid to cross the city pushing, I guarantee you won't be disappointed and won't even feel the difference. Well, maybe just a tiiiiiny little bit.
And if you live in New York, well, lucky you.


  1. D'après les dires, c'est pas pour tout de suite (Yoan étant plutot perfectioniste); mais y'en a plusieurs qui vont avoir de très bonnes part (ça je veux bien le croire).