Monday, March 15, 2010

Billy Rohan and Rastafarism

Last Update: Mar 13 2010
Sponsors: Element, Acapulco Gold , Supreme, Vans, Harold Hunter Foundation, Open Road of New York
Hometown: NYC NY Stance: Goofy Status: Pro

Whaaaaat? Yes, according to his Skatepark of Tampa profile, the ex-Floridian and currently illustrious NY-skate-teacher Billy Rohan has signed over at Element. That's a harsh one. Especially because many rumors about Lutzka signing on Element are circulating on the web at the same time. But don't get excited because Billy is still producing good skateboarding (see Rich Mahogany) and everyone knows that good OG skateboarding is never rewarded like it should be. So G-Sltuz is still gonna get a bigger paycheck and more ladies. Bummer.

I think that dude has always been in my top 5, or top 7, or 8. Even when he was under the radar, I used to watch that clip and got hyped to skate listening to some Wu-Tang. See that bs noseblunt at the City Hall? Holy shit! (sainte crotte) Maybe a bit sketchy, but that's straight gnarliness. He had an interview in a SugarMag around 00, and I remember not knowing much about what looked good on a skateboard at the time. However I soon as I saw his fs 270 heelflip at Brooklyn banks, I felt like I already knew more about style. Despite the lameness of Element, I'm psyched for him cause he deserves a decent sponsor after Zoo York let him down. I just hope he won't get the full Element package, because we all know it cannot do good to a career.

I guess what would be a good idea for Element would be to split the team in 2, a bit like they did over at Circa, with the C1rca Combat Division. They could recreate Underworld Element, and put all the good "underground" skaters and come up with a sick team that we would be willing to support. Besides this would allow them to go full speed on the corporate and rasta bullshit without hurting too much the ethically-spotless skateboarders' career.
I call team-manager first!


  1. Someone have to Bring back Pepe from the dead !


    Red Nikes on !