Friday, March 19, 2010


This past week I have been watching various video clips of the recent edition of the Tampa Pro. I don't give a shit about contest's results and I find it rather stupid to judge skateboarding like ice-skating, but I have to admit that I love to watch the skating.
Anyway, this got me into thinking about contest runs. I don't know how come it's always the dudes who cannot stay on their board during 45 seconds who always end up winning. Take this run example:

Alright, I am willing to admit that it was pretty amazing. But who the fuck skate like that, honestly? Do you guys take you board in hand after every single trick? Personnally I kind of enjoy the cruising part of skateboarding and I feel like these dudes skate with a sort of check-list in mind: "Okay, anihilating the rail: done. Now let's move on to the hip. Let's not worry with a kickturn on the wall, it's lame anyway." You know it's like when you watch figure-skating: nobody gives a shit when the dude is cruising and everyone is just waiting for him to throw a "buttery" triple axel.
Don't get any ideas on me watching figure skating, ok? Well, I do sometimes but that is mostly for the ladies in tight leotard. Now that this point is cleared, let's move on.

Now that's what I call a run. Thank you my dear Swedish exhibitionist fellow, I appreciate that.
If I were a judge that is the kind of skateboarding I would reward. I like that the dude is all over the place: from tranny attacks to neo-oldschool tricks such as the boneless fs tail on the handrail, no obstacle is spared Pontus' wrath. He even makes the cruising in between tricks interesting. Rattray's, Trujillo's, Busenitz's runs are often as much arousing. Even if some of these dudes have already won Tampa, I feel like it was much an exception and that actual good skateboarding won't be rewarded as it should be before long.
Maybe we should get figure-skating judges for Tampa after all...

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