Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Miami Vice

Usually I am the first one to complain when a teaser does not include enough skating. But this one gets me seriously hyped. Lately I have become really into Floridian skateboarding. The ambiance is an ideal mix of the East and the West. The protagonists zigzag on the wheatered pavements with the carelessness of surfers on acid. It's like if Mouse and Eastern Exposure were combined into a single video.
I recently acquired the Westside skateshop boxset, which I recommend to everyone, and look forward very much to this new production by Josh Stewart.

I like that the guy came up with a particular theme (Miami Vice) that he develops with sobriety and I hope the video will live up to the expectations set by the teaser. Nevertheless, with such a line up and the nuggets that Josh counts in his filmography, I believe there is not much to worry about. I always thought that a bit of 'packaging' around the roughness of Floridian skateboarding would not hurt. Because the major Floridian videos have mainly a 'homie video' atmosphere, which I cherish (beer and liquor drinking, bums fighting), I think they have been too easily classified in the 'homie vid" category and perhaps not given all the props the deserve .

For those who want to catch up on the subject check The Last of the Mohicans, The Dango is Dead boxset (5 videos for 20$: The Good Life, The Dango is Dead, Dango...)

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