Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bourrics and Scientology

The Bourrics is a non-profit brotherhood of politically-commited skateboarders which is based in Bordeaux, France. Though the nature of their protest has often been misunderstood, these urban warriors have decided to take a stand against Steve Berra and the monopoly that the Church of Scientology seem to have obtained over political institutions, Hollywood and even skateboarding. This is how:

Qualif 8 - JP Vs. Bran from The Bourrics on Vimeo.

Yes, a game of skate with shots of Vodka every time someone misses an "offensive trick", as our dear scientologist and fake-spot-builder friend would say. Now, you might think that these people are just young and unthinking skateboarders having a good time. Wrong.

The recurrent swearing and underage drinking (well, technically they're French, so it's ok, but anyway...) constitue a cry for liberty, a return to more simple values and an acceptance of the evil part that rests in each human being. After various rumors about Steve Berra trying to get Torey Pudwill off DVS for smoking too much weed (source: YWS) or trying to ban swearing from The Berrics, people over a The Bourrics have decided to put an end to this absurd quest for perfectibility.
Moreover, they have proved something that many skateboarders started to doubt: it is still possible to skateboard somewhere else than in a LA wharehouse.

Keep up the good work, guys.

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