Saturday, March 13, 2010

18th try Fridays

In the midst of general lameness that the Berrics features, if there is one thing that really makes me shit my pants all the time, it is the First Try Fridays section. Personnally I have a really hard time popping just a flatground kickflip first try, so I can't even conceive the idea of throwing down my stiff little body on any 8 stair set in the first 30 minutes of the session. The reason why I'm not doing it during the rest of the session is to be searched somewhere else. So, those dudes (supposing they don't rig it) come out of their cars after the traditional Californian one-hour car ride, and without the slightest oriental stretching move, they pull out some seriously sexually arousing bangers. If I had to do it, I guess I would pretend my shoe-laces were untied or something and perform some discreet genuflexions to oil my rusty carcass. Or I would pick up a fight with fuckface Reda with the implicit purpose of getting warmed up a bit, which would do good to the skateboarding community at the same time.
I remember reading in a 60 Second With Rob Welsh (Skateboarder) that his technique to warm up was to throw fooplant kickflips and tre flips for 30 minutes until he considered actually jumping.

Not bad of a technique, and rather visually pleasing as well.
The thing is that you would think that First Try Fridays are reserved for healthy and fit skateboarders only, but Greco, Ellington, Templeton or Rip (the Japanese photographer) have all nailed it. I bet they were all trying to warm up in their car on the highway traffic jam. Just imagine them them waving their arms like hell through the opening roof. I mean, that's what I would have done.

Anyway, Brandon Biebel deserves the Award for the scariest First Try Fridays ever. Not bad for a Red-Bull-soaked manual aficionado.

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  1. skating mini ramps every day, this is my secret ...
    Not a bad one WU Welsh !