Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poll Results + Anthropological enterprise

So, obviously the majority of people answered "is there a good part about Adio?" Can it be possible that a brand has sponsored so many embarrasing skaters by the past such as Adio? (Shaun White, Bam, Tony Hawk, Richie Belton...)

But I have to admit that the exact purpose of this pointless poll was to know the number of people who had enough spare time to spend five intense minutes watching my blog. Well, considering that there must be some people watching and not voting, it's not that bad. Even though, I'm considering switching back to French...

Anyway, this week's poll will have the same anthropological purpose. My purpose being to know more about my awsome readership. What kind of skateboarding do you guys particulary affectionate? To that end, I have selectionned 4 skaters that I consider representative of a particular trend in skateboarding. Giving your vote to one of these professional stuntmen does not necessarily mean that you're sexually found of him, but more that you appreciate his style or vision of skateboarding. Thus, if you vote for Bobbly Puleo, you're showing you love for cellar-doors and pretentiousness, and not much more.

So, this week's champions are:

- Bobby Worrest: graciously hugged in his Dickies pants and recently fit again in Yougatgetthat, Bobby transcends coastal barriers. He does not give a shit, his trick selection, thought improving, remains unaffected by the various trends raging in the higly conformist world that skateboarding is.

- Lucas Puig: The French cupsoles afficionado might be under the influence of combo-skateboarding, but we have to admit that he is often one of the innovators in that matter and that his technical level is always on point.

Shinpei Ueno: knowing the hold of Japanese skateboading on Bordeaux skaters, I guess it would be legitimate to put this modern urban samuraï as amassador of skateboarders eager to make love to architecture. Shinpei's flip tricks might not have the lightfootedness of Lucas' but the rest of his tricks is likely to make your panties turn brown.

- Grant Taylor: the former kid and newly tall and lanky tranny-dog's skateboarding transcends time's barrier. He can actually be called an 'overall ripper' because no type of terrain seems to be able to resist to his wrath, from the radest bowls to rails with holes in them.

(I have recently learned to make hypertext links, so don't forget to watch the clips, pigé?)

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