Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day in a life with Billy Rohan

So, he is a skate-teacher for high-school and rides for Element. Is it that bad?
I don't know if I say that because I'm a fan of his skating, but it seems that he has found the right balance between mainstream and hardcore skateboarding without compromising himself.
Teaching skateboarding to kids is not that bad if you let them understand that it must be enjoyed outside of any kind of structure as well. From what we see here, the skateboarding class is mostly about putting kids on a skateboard and letting them have fun the way they want. I guess it's better than the GI Joe style: "Alrgith freshers, 20 ollies for everyone!"
And on the other end, Billy is very active in the NY skate community, from taking care of the 12th & A to filming dope parts for the Green Diamond video. Moreover, he is not getting caught into stupid trick and style trends: his 3-6 flips are OG and his ledge tricks are worthy of a 90s Girl video.

Let's hope for a full part in the next Element video now.

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