Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poll Results

So you guys went for Lucas. Really? I mean, it's not that I dislike the guy, but I just had this idea that La Lodge was a place dedicated to alternative forms of skateboarding. Well, fuck it. The guy seriously rips. I recently watched the last Gypsea Tour that saw Lucas' accession to the coveted throne of the Gypsy King, and I definitely enjoyed his performance.

And I have the feeling that little blue short he has apparently rocked along the whole tour is going to be the next raging trend. Even more than flannel shirts.

Get yours right now, I'm already sporting mine everyday.

Moving on to our next bi-weekly poll, I was wondering what is the worst trend in skateboarding right now according to you guys. And I'm not talking about flannel shirts or beanies or anything, but more about tricks or particular way to do a trick. In other words: things that happen on the board.

- the excessive use of 3-6 shove-its. I don't know if the trend is really popular in the US right now, but it's raging in France, especially among young lads. Despite being beyond reproach, I might be a bit guilty on that one even though I make sure that my trick be tinted with irony.

- combos: Paul Shier's boarslides to 5-0 have always been a pleasure to watch, but now the trend has definitely taken over the world. The most incongruous/ineasthetic of those might be Lucas' bs smith to bs noseslide in the Flared video.

- the lazy legs: okay that one might not be obvious. Here I am not talking about the spread-eagle tre flips but about the increasing numbers of skaters whose legs look so weak that they skate with their knees bent inwards. (Austin Gylette, Yaje Popson, etc...)

- kids that are too good.

ps: part 3 of Frame by Frame very soon

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