Friday, April 2, 2010

Chico Brenes : Minister of the 90s

Seeing Chico Brenes' latest and self-explicative Banging reminded me of French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner's entry into the government. "What, in the name of Adam and Eve, is he doing with those pieces of shit?!" was my reaction in both cases. Indeed, for an ambassador of the 90s such as Chico or a socialist such as Kouchner, entering (respectively) the Berrics or President Sarkozy's government can be very compromising.

But as you can see, the test is taken successfully. When it might be more debatable in Kouchner's case, Chico's performance converted me to Scientology at once. Despite the blatant lack of picnic tables and benches, Chico keeps doing his shit the best he can. It is a rather pleasant sight to see him struggling in the Berrics to keep the aesthetic codes of the 90s alive. No embarrassing back leg dancing move, just smoothness and delicacy. As Kouchner has sometimes been accused of his conspicuous use of humanitarian causes, one could easily attack Chico for his excessive use of the fs-shove it. However, I believe this maneuver managed to survive pretty well the drastic changes of 00s skateboarding, so that its integration in 360° maneuvers such as the lazer flip manual rendered me speechless.

Moreover, and this you might not know, Chico is not the last in terms of humanitarianism. After a non exhaustive research, I found out that he opened Central Skate Shop in Nicaragua, his homeland. Besides I've heard he is doing some other stuff for the community over there. What is all the more appreciable is that Chico did it with the class and discretion of true gentlemen rather than with the loudness of our Che Guevera of skateboarding $teve Berra, who judges necessary to release an internet campaign each time he gives a nickel to a bum.

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