Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frame by Frame - part 1

No matter what you might think about the video in itself, you cannot but take a bow in front of the people at the root of this enterprise. The release of an independent skateboard video in France is probably as historical as the passing of the health care bill in the US. We already had some but I guess it is legitimate to say that the quality of the editing had nothing to do with the job made by the guys Behind the Lens.

For those who don't know, Frame by Frame is made by a bunch of unpretentious chaps from Le Mans, Tours and Paris, aaaah Paris. [...] The concept of the video is similar to Transworld's Cinematographers or the more recent Cliché's Déja Vu. And filmer/editor for each part. An ingenious concept I would say, even though the skater (and his personality) still seems to be the one who gives its flavour to a part. I guess the concept is first of all a justification of the fact that Frame by Frame is a common enterprise.
A common project certainly, but uncommon by its nature. Before entering into the details of the protagonists' feats, we shall take a moment to celebrate the fact that they managed to avoid the most reccurents spots in the landscape of French skateboarding. [...] The most illustrious pilgrimage places of the City of Lights have been skillfully avoided in favor of more obsucre spots. Aside from Oscar's 8mm-filmed-ollie, le Dôme is let at rest. And this might be for the best, because this allow us to discover the resources that our cherished Hexagon has to offer. However, it seems these wonderful resources are going to be kept secret a little longer, because a lot of the protagonists made a point to choose the least attractive/skatebale spots.

Therefore, you can already classify Frame by Frame in the categories of videos featuring tricks that look doable until reality comes to shatter your hopes. How many times have you resolutely claimed that you were going to one up the local hero, and pathetically failed because of some unforeseen gravels or a too short runway once you were at the spot?

- I can probably do a fs flip here! I can do it first try on the skatepark's pyramid. Guys, I swear tomorrow I'm gonna do it, don't forget the camera!
And then he day after:
-Naaaaaay. You know what? This spot sucks, I bet they came with broomsticks and wooden plates to make it easier...
Well, they did not. The spot is simply harder to skate than it looks. And so are the spots in Frame by Frame, for having been to some of them.

(to be continued when willing to...)

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  1. Thanks a lot for taking time to write a bunch of critics on our video project man!

    see you shreding the street.

    Greg DEZECOT.