Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doing things the way they should be done

Despite our self-proclaimed independence and indifference to the rest of the world, we have to admit that skateboarding is not very different from politics. Indeed, a faux-pas happens really quickly and it might be a long time before a brand can get rid of its tarnished image. Unfortunate alliances with corporate companies such as Timberland or Echo have proved to be enough to come to term with the formerly legitimate brands Ipath and Zoo York. And if Zoo York is slowly redeeming itself in your eyes, I guess it would not be bold to put it on the team's recent powerful achievements.
This is why, in these days and age, La Lodge would like to salute the work done by èS and Expedtion One, be it the skaters or the poor anonymous white-collars-designers/graphists who spend their days in the office day-dreaming about the 30 minutes session they will manage to catch before heading home to the wifey. Nevertheless, lately I have been turned on each time these people have put out footage or products. Some might complain about éS excentricity and excessive use of the air bubbule, but I perceive it as a tribute paid to the too often forgotten era of the early 00s. These people do their job with talent and sobriety and from the tour footage that I have seen, it seems that demos still actually matter with them.
Bien joué messieurs.

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