Monday, April 19, 2010

Dorkness it should be

Thrasher July'89

What's funny is that the first thing I wanted to post, I wanted it to be something that struck when I first started skating.
Me and my older brother bought 3 Thrashers for 100Francs at the time. (We ordered them on 36 15 SKATE, no kidding). I honestly think I spent hours devoring these magazines back then.
Well, that ad (shown here) represented like the essence to me. Being out, skating, eating, dorking, whatever… It's also way punk. I used to just stare at it as a kid and think it looked like a purpose in life (as weird as it could be).
I honestly didn't care that much about those Gordon & Smith trucks, anyway.

Ricky Windsor used to ride for Circle A Skateboards. Ed Templeton rode for that company as well before turning pro for New Deal when it started.

There's a lot of companies out there promoting that 'have fun philosophy' thing and what not, nowadays. I don't know.
Just think about why you've started this in the first place.

My whole point here is that skateboarding has always been about being out, enjoying your time, and dorking around.

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