Saturday, April 10, 2010

Frame by Frame part 2 - Jo & Greg Dezecot

I shall start this essay by referring to one of the greatest French scholars of skateboarding, who saw the alliteration between Dezecot and Decenzo as a good opportunity to draw a parallel between the two pairs of brothers. Well, allow me to push the comparison slighlty further. Before entering the details of the part, I would like to point that the Dezecot Brothers' marketing department has made serious improvements over the years . I use to be able to differentiate them because (if I remember well) Greg used to be an Ipath-enthusiast who had the habit to pop his boardslides before reaching the ends of rails, while Jo used to be a relatively small fs half-cab flipper in skinny jeans. But these days are long gone, for Jo has grown up and they have now decided to bet on their resemblance to reach skateboarding-stardom, like the Decenzo brothers have done.

Consequently,and at the image of their Canadian counterparts, you can expect to seem to get big RDS or Dakine contracts and Thrasher covers in the very next future.

Moving on to their shared and self-edited part, as stupid as it might sound, the most significant weakness was that I had a really hard time differentiating them. Dead Meadow constitutes a logical musical accompanement to the commited nature of their skateboarding. I appreaciated that the amount of "pushing shots" was rather limited to let room for actual shredding.

Some of the flatground tricks and technical moves might be a little bit shaky or awkward, but that is not where the point of the part rests. Instead, the accent is put in those rough semi-urban transitions that you are likely to find if you skim through the medium-sized French towns. I personally thought that the best declension of the case was this ToddJordan-like bank to bank ollie:

More generally, the whole part is sprinked with ideally chosen tricks on hostile spots. Being a 90s enthusiast, I deplore the lack of switchstance maneuvers on ledges, though I remember a sw frontside lipslide which almost reconciled me with the blatant and excessive use of regular version of that trick. And that is a lot to say. We should also salute those two for their adaptation skills and their relative detachment from some of the worst trends in skateboarding. However, next time it would be a good idea not to have a shared part so that we might know who to give credit for each trick. I deliberately won't say whose skating aroused me the most, to make sure that each breakfast in the Dezecot family might be darkened by the doubt until the end of time. Indeed, one is always by himself at the top.


  1. Hahaha très bon le parallèle! Les détails pour nous reconnaitre... Jo skate avec ses lunettes (il est beaucoup plus bigleux) et n'arrive a faire pousser de poil que sous son nez. Quand à moi je vois mieux et me passe donc de mes lunettes lors des sessions et j'ai vu mon grand age une pilosité plus développée sur le menton. A oui dernière chose et pas des moindre, Celui qui fait les hammer c'est pas moi, c'est lui haha!

  2. Je viens de re-regarder la part, et c'est vrai que le facteur "lunettes" aide pas mal pour la différence!
    Un filon a exploité donc...