Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DGK Captain and golden artificats amateur Stevie Williams has decided to go "back to roots" fot his annual skateboarding production. Indeed, the trick is not without remembering his Transworldian coup de grace at Love Park. If the maneuver was somewhat avant-gardiste in 2000, it has aged rapidly to the point of being considered highly anachronistic in 2010. But perhaps this move is an intentional elipse for an aging Stevie who wants to address his fans a reminder of his technical heyday. More interestingly, the outfit Sir Williams sports gives evidence of his success in the entrepreneurial department of extreme sports. Since the Reason, the Swoosh, though unofficially, made its appearance and one cannot but wonder at the number of zeros figuring on his unofficial check. Besides, the matching combo "cap'n'shoes" and the palm trees in the background testifiy of certain detachment from the east-coast grayness to the profit of the Californian lights, land of his mitigated rap success. (although I suspect the photo to have been shot in Florida)

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