Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Thinkers from the Golden Gate Bridge

Once upon a time there was a brand nobody cared about and if one was asked about its team, it was with a certain bewilderment that he had to admit that he could not even name one dude. This brand was of course Think. Despite its presence on the Western skate scene for quite a long time, not much attention was paid to Think.

However, their [no so] recent additions to the team have generated much sexual arousement among the SF Department of La Lodge. First, the pony-tailed Floridian Brian Delatorre seems to have received a good piece of advice and has traded his filthy outfits for what seems to be the uniform of the winners these days: Dickies & Cons. Not to mention his bag of tricks which has become far more interesting since his delocalisation. Then, that Josh Mathews kid who is definitely an upcoming all-aroud ripper. Finally, to bend the rules, internet sensation Cody McEntire finally comes through with some footage without fedora hat nor miniramp circus moves. I have even overheard a conversation between two of our reporters in the toilets claiming that his footage was "kinda alright." Well, this is certainly very nice but I guess they weren't paying attention during that awful 3-6 shove it. So be it.

But what we were more concerned about is that this promo allows us to forsee that in the very near future Think will release a very exciting audiovisual production. The team seems to be more pumped up than never and the musical accompaniement lets us think that the full lenght video will be a treat as much for our eyes as for our ears.

A special mention should be addressed to "Dela" for his untouchable opening fs crook, which made more than one of our reporters whipe their greasy foreheads blurting out an admirative "Phew! That kid is no joke!"

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