Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bay Area Exposure

La Lodge's Teaser Delegate is proud to share his recent discovery. Indeed, our Teaser Delegate is a man who has found a comfortable refuge in the recently digitalized versions of his favourite 90s videos. The predictability of every line soothes his poor mind tired by the unsightly innovations of today's teen idols (c.f. Adrien Bullard's latest addition to the self-justified maneuver labelled 3-6 flip in Pause #2). Therefore, the discovery of this piece of urban poetry featuring two prominent parties of Closure constituted an agreeable turn of events for this man imbued with nostalgia, who, for a short though priceless moment, went as far as considering lifting his stiff body from his quilted armchair to hit the streets with his skateboard. He finally opted for an umpteenth viewing of Eastern Exposure, but the least we can say is that it was a close call.

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