Sunday, May 16, 2010


It is now a fact that the second decade of this newborn century is characterized by a post-modern approach to skateboarding. The frontiers between time periods have been blurred through mastery of an ever-enlarging panel of tricks. Briand Anderson's boneless to fs smith is probably the most blatant example of the liminality that affects skateboarding these days.
Three time periods reunited in one trick. The boneless, key trick of the unforgiving era of fluorescent shorts, finds itself articulated with a fs smith, which at its heyday (1994? )could be performed more than 40 times in one session. Finally, the metallic context provided by the handrail is not remembering the hammer race of the early 00s that ruined the limbs of so many promising talents.
And still, should we find it surprising, on behalf of a man who dared riding for Toy Machine and Axion at the same time? It seems that BA is not one for rigid categories and we appreciate that very much in the office of La Lodge. This notion of porous bondaries might remind some of you of the debate about BA's blurred gender identity and sexual orientations. This is a debate we will not enter for we do not give a shit about it and are already "gay" for Brian.

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