Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amongst the several tons of mails we receive everyday, one particular question proves to be recurrent: "Do you guys happen to skate sometimes instead of disserting all day about agressive urban skateboarding?"
Well, let me tell you my friends, we do. Sometimes. I mean, when it's sunny and my setup is looking good. And when the spot is smooth and welcoming. This is why this excursion to the sandy hereabouts of Claouey was an unusual one for the reporters of La Lodge, being more used to the softness of our couch than the roughness of this 70s ungrateful skatepark.

Encore un peu de Claouey ! from Tim Reinson on Vimeo.


  1. it makes me want to skate there !

  2. Trust me, your 50mm Gold Wheels would NOT fit that harsh concret from the 70's…
    Rolling was just a pain most of the time.
    This is such an heavenly area, though.

  3. ça c'est parce que vous êtes des pussies!! moi j'envoyais les rocket airs à gogo!