Thursday, February 25, 2010


Have you guys seen that movie starring Bruce Willis?
Well, actually we don't care. But there's that scene when Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson), who suffers from the glass-bone disease, tells David (Bruce Willis)that he is his antithesis, at the other end of the physical scope, because he's unbreakable. So?
Well, while writting about Pappalardo's lazyness the other day, I was thinking that him and Fred Gall would be perfect for that movie. Yep, because when we think about it, they're at the opposite end of the motivational scope. Plus, I found this cool little video, where Fred Gall comes off as a super hero:

Well, he doesn't really stop the fight nor save the dude getting beaten up, but at least the poor guy gets the chance to witness a stylish 3-6 flip while getting punched in the face. And Freddy sure has the grace of a super hero in this sea of violence.

So to pursue the metaphore with the movie, Elijah-Pops is the least motivated skater, every recent footage of him is highly anticipated and always disappoint. He even has a mean side when he talks shit on Menikmati in his Epicly Laterd. Plus he has this Mr Burns' akwardness that makes you think has has a really fragile body. Check the sequence below, you'll see what I mean. As for David-Fred Gall, he is the complete opposite. His motivation is without equal and his stoutness is not without rememberging Bruce Willis in some movies. David is as friendly as a gruff bear and Fred has that NJ-hunchback style that makes him look like a bear on a skateboard. But he is everywhere you don't expect him. I think he has always had a full part in the videos of companies he rode for. Plus, he very often has a shared part in independent videos, such as the Westside videos, Last of the Mohicans, the Static videos or the more recent Orchard video. And the footage is always first rate: a combination of bank-sliding acrobatics on ruined New Jersey spots and more technical switchstance maneuvers, the whole lot sprinkled with some hustling clips. You can't go wrong with that.
The only difference between Fred and David might be in terms of weight lifting, but Fred as chosen to lift beer bottles instead.

For Freddy, there is no time-off. You always hear about what a drunkard he is or about his fluctuating weight but his footage always shuts you up. I like that in Epicly Laterd, pretty much every pro interviewed talked about how their addiction prevented them for skateboarding at some point, but you see that Freddy has been ripping all the while, with or without heavy partying.

I think he is one of the few who really deserve the Legend Award, though he probably wouldn't care much, because he is the definition of the ideal pro: representing the good companies loyally (yeah I know, I-Path was ok at first...), making appearances in homies' videos and he has the NJ Scum touch that makes him really enjoyable to watch.

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